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Read about our collaborations with resellers


Repiper sells products through distributors in different geographic areas. These distributors buy Repiper products and sell them to contractors.


We offer our distributors to sell patented products within relining to contractors.

This is how a potential collaboration can work.

Repiper offers unique solutions and products that facilitate relining installations. We also offer contractors training in how to use our products and solutions.

Repiper shall sell its products through resellers, or system resellers. Our resellers can have time-limited geographic exclusive rights in a market, to increase the incentive for the reseller to sell more in order to cover their initial investments.

Companies (eg. contractors, as well as facility service companies) working in related industries e.g. plumbing maintenance, sewage maintenance, purchase system solutions and relay products from resellers.


Repiper offers tools enabling renovation to damaged plumbing in buildings using ‘trenchless rehabilitation’. Through a profitable growth, Repiper’s vision is to challenge and develop the relining industry as a leading niche player. Repiper will advocate for sustainable pipe renewals of the future, through innovative solutions and increased dissemination of knowledge.

Today Repiper can be found on the following geographical markets:

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Are you a reseller in the relining industry? Are you interested in selling our products on your market? Contact us by filling out the form below!

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