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REPIPER’S Pipe Joint Systems’ are custom designed for installing pipe joint reinforcements, simplifying installations. The flexibility and bendiness of the tools enable lining installations of the entire plumbing system including pipes followed by a bend or angle. Many pipe joints that were previously inaccessible for installers are now accessible thanks to the design of our PJS-tools. The main advantages compared to other tools on the market are that they have high quality, are user friendly, flexible and compatible.


The unique design, the materials and the functionality of the tools make them durable.


Repiper PJS tools can be used for both vertical and horizontal relining.


Repiper’s PJS tools are flexible and bendable, which is unique to our patented tools.


Our PJS Tools can be used with heat and steam, to ease installation and save time.

Patent: SE 534965 | US 9,657,883 | US 10,436,375

Do not miss the chance to work with Repiper's tools and other products for relining!

Contractors from all over the world use our tools for relining!

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