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Rehabilitation of a building’s sewer system has traditionally involved acute inconvenience for tenants. Buildings must either be evacuated or the tenants must live among noise and dust while the renovation work is ongoing.

Those types of building workplaces often consist of different environmental dangers, such as asbestos and lead. However, dealing with many of those inconveniences can be completely avoided by renovating the original pipes from the inside instead of replacing them.

When using the patented Repiper® tools and the StepbyStep method neither the floors nor the walls have to be broken up, which minimizes disturbance. The entire process only takes a few days and is carried out at a fraction of the price compared to traditional methods.

The end CIPP product has a certified expected service life of at least 40 years and the result is a new tightly sealed and self-supporting pipeline system within the old one, with no seams risking water infiltration between the host pipe and CIPP liner!

Do not miss the chance to work with Repiper's tools and other products for relining!

Contractors from all over the world use our tools for relining!

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