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I have had the opportunity to be a part of the Repiper team as a business development intern from September 2016 – until June 2017. During my nine months at Repiper, I have learned some of the technicalities in the field, both within the national market, and the international market.

We (Repiper) have also experienced some major changes during these past nine months. The biggest change, is that we from now on sell our tools through distributors. This allows more entrepreneurs (who didn’t have access before) to buy Repipers tools from distributors in their specific market.

Repiper’s values aligned with mine, and I think that all these things combined, gives us the right conditions for some great coming years.

If I bring one thing with me from this year, it will be;

“Even if you are a small player, you can do great things in the world”

Thank you Repiper, for the knowledge and energy that you gave me during my time as a business development intern.

Best regards
Pontus Aronsson

Pontus examen

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