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Established in 2009, Repiper is a privately owned company. We have our head office in Mölndal, Sweden.

Since our inception we have specialized in developing tools for the Pipe Renewal Industry. We work with system suppliers/distributors, that want to incorporate our tools and other products in their lining system in order to complete it. 

Repiper is largely based from the original ideas from the inventors Sam Hedberg and Göran Nilsson, which they collated during their 30 years within the industry.

Our tools are designed for dependable installations by lining the plumbing with liners soaked with a ready-to-use curing plastic. This method originates from the 1960s, making it the market’s most proven technology for the renovation of worn and damaged sewer pipes.

Today, Repiper’s tools are used in several countries and the number of installers who work with them are continuously increasing.





Repiper offers tools to contractors enabling renovation to damaged plumbing in buildings using ‘trenchless rehabilitation’ (the replacement of existing buried pipes and structures without excavation).

Our patented tools are developed to simplify the renovation of plumbing joints by lining them. Our tools enable the installer to create reinforced pipe joints in a buildings entire plumbing system. Reinforcing pipe joints in a buildings entire plumbing system eliminates the risk of future leakage.

Our patented tools are bendable, which compared to similar tools on the market, enables the installer access to the plumbing joints, even after pipe bends.

Compared to traditional replacement of plumbing, our patented tool is a cost and time efficient alternative for the renovation of a buildings plumbing system.

With lining, using the flexible linings technology, a new plumbing sytem is created inside the old plumbing structure. The characteristics of the new pipes reduce the risk of breakdowns and stops thanks to:

The seamless surface – the unique method for joining the pipes together makes the newly lined plumbing an interconnected and seamless system.
Being self-supporting – the new pipes are self-supporting, and thus independent of the quality of the old pipes.
The even thickness – makes one part of the plumbing as strong as the other part.
The smooth inner surface – makes the plumbing more resistant to added sediments.
The even inside diameter – makes the water flow evenly across the entire plumbing.


Our tools are used by installers all over the world, and those who work with them are continuously increasing. Because we work in the industry, we know the challenges installers are facing when lining. Our tools are designed from the user’s perspective, and our mission is to simplify lining installations through user-friendly tools.



Repiper’s tools are user friendly and can be used during both vertical and horizontal ‘trenchless rehabilitation’ of existing plumbing systems. The tool user can efficiently install the plumbing’s joints reinforcement with the help of our highly manoeuvrable tools.



Unlike other trenchless rehabilitation tools on the market, Repiper’s tools are flexible and bendable. The flexibility of the tool enables the user to renew any joint of the plumbing, even after a bend or an angle.



Repiper’s tools are very durable and possible to used for numerous installations.



Repiper’s tool is, of course, compatible with heat and steam in order to facilitate and save time during installations.

Don't miss the chance to work with Repiper's products when lining!

Companies from all over the world are using our tools!

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